Breakfast Club

Edinburgh's breakfast club

A little girl eating a sandwich from a lunch box

Breakfast club offering a helping hand on a morning

The breakfast club started in 2003 and offers parents the chance to drop children off before school and still get to work in town for 9am. The club runs from 7:40am until 8:50am. After which your children will be safely escorted to school.

At South Morningside After School Care Club, we provide a calming, family environment giving the children a gentle and enjoyable start to the day.

Some important points about the breakfast club are:

  • Children are fully supervised during breakfast club hours
  • Breakfast includes healthy food for children such as cereals, toast and fresh juice
  • Games, books, pens and paper are provided for children to play with after breakfast
Breajfast muffins
For more information about Breakfast Club, or to secure your place, call South Morningside After School Car Club today on
Call 0131 447 6800
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